How it works

Training Methods and What To Expect

Safe, humane, science-based training for dogs and humans alike

You’ve done the research, picked a program that best suits you, and are ready to begin training. Here’s what you can expect from there!

For lesson packages, please provide any toys, treats, or food your dog is most motivated by, as well as a properly fitting collar to clip a leash to. We will begin our first lesson by discussing your goals, meeting your pup, and creating a training plan. We will train our first command(s), and spend an hour together learning and teaching (both you and your pup). After our lesson, you’ll have at least 7 days to work with your dog on the command(s) they’ve learned so far. This training between lessons is crucial in the success of training at home!

For board and train programs, on the first day of training, we come to your home to meet with you and pick up your pup. The details of what each training day will look like will be specified in person, because training schedules vary based on your dog’s specific needs, your goals, and the program that you’ve selected. During training, you will receive video and photo updates that not only show your dog’s progress, but will help teach and inform you along the way. Human education is an important part of dog training, so you will receive a lot of educational material during the training period. At the end of training, we will come to your home and have a 2-3 hour long turnover to allow you to feel comfortable and confident continuing training back at home.




Training Methods

We use positive reinforcement methods to teach every command, and an e-collar to reinforce commands once they’re learned and understood. The collars that we use are e-collar technologies brand, which are the most advanced, humane electric collars on the market. They aren’t your traditional shock collar that causes pain to the dog, and the sensation isn’t like what you’d feel with an electric fence or a store-bought training collar. The collars we use are TENS units, like they use in physical therapy to stimulate muscle, therefore the sensation is a muscle twitch. The collars have a range of 100 different levels, and we never increase past the lowest possible number that the dog feels and responds to. The way we use these collars aren’t for punishment by any means, but rather as a way to get the dogs attention even when off leash, the same as a tap on the shoulder. The consistent sensation of the collar allows for a clear line of communication from all members of the household, creating less confusion and frustration between dogs and their humans. The collar will be sent home with your pup, and the cost of the collar is including in the program pricing.